Hey Ubaldo:
Thanks for another great hunt!  Although this year’s Muley was not as big as my last year’s 207 inch monster, he is an incredible deer and the entire experience was first class. He is 29” wide, and although he is broken off on the tip of his main bean on one side, he is a trophy in my book. We figure he is mid 180’s and as discussed, your  taxidermy team can probably give him back what he broke off and make him perfect again. Next year I will be back to hunt the big guy that broke him off!

As also discussed throughout my entire hunt, the guides, the cooks, the food, the accommodations and the hunt itself was all absolutely perfect again, but what I love just as much as the hunting and the service is the friends that are made each year I return. I do not feel like a client when hunting with your operation. I really appreciate this more than anything. The feeling while out hunting with my guide, at the dining table in the rancho, and around the bonfire each night is like I am hunting at my own deer camp at home. Thanks for that Ubaldo. You made it all happen again.

This year I also brought 3 of my good friends and I believe you have made “clients for life” out of them also. Honestly I was a bit worried as I convinced all 3 of them to come along and we all know that anything can happen on a hunt. With 3 monster Muleys and a trophy Coues Deer, everyone got bucks. We also shot Coyotes and Javelinas, and everyone felt the same way as I do as we left the rancho.  We are already booked for next year!
For anyone worrying about the “security issues” that are all over the news these days from Mexico, this was not the least bit of a concern to any of us. We all received our rifles at the Hermosillo airport and not only did the soldiers and airport staff seem totally  professional, they were actually very helpful and cheerful. I would say that at least 40 hunters came on our flight with weapons and there was no problem whatsoever.  The ride to camp was great and for anyone that is concerned about security in this area, here is my opinion:

There are drug cartels fighting between each other in Mexico. They fight for market control, as the USA is their largest client and the demand will always be there. The Mexican government has made great progress in this fight, but it will never end. I compare this fight to the violence in certain large cities in the USA or other parts of the world and how it affects the safety concerns in my small town in Northern Minnesota. Basically there is no affect. I believe hunting on Ubaldo’s rancho out in the high desert in Sonora may be one of the safest places a person could be right now.

We will be back next year, and I also hope to get my crew Gould’s Turkey hunting with you. That is another story, but it was equally enjoyable.  

I have the place on my wall ready for this year’s buck, and I hope to keep “stacking them up” as the years go by. Be well and thanks again amigo.

#1 Dear fellow hunter:

I am very happy to provide a reference for Ubaldo Lopez.  I booked a Mule Deer hunt with him in the last week of Jan, 2010. The trip was flawless. Great camp with wonderful home cooked meals. Great guides. Incredible country with monster Mule Deer.  I harvested a 200+ inch Muley.

I was very impressed to see highly motivated and professional guides, and a fully organized process throughout my hunt.  At times in Mexico, one does not see this smooth level of operation. For me what matters is "doing everything possible to get the job done". This is what Ubaldo bring to the table.

Contact info:

Christopher Erickson
Project Director
Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa
011 52 624 14 36991  Phone
011 52 624 14 39955  Fax  email  website

#2 Ubaldo,

I have hunted all over the worls, and can honestly say  you provided the best hunt, ever. Your firearm paperwork made importing my rifle a breeze.
We saw nothing that would make us feel anything but safe in Mexico.

The food was fantastic, the guides very professional. And your ranches have a tremendous population of good rams. I shot my old warrior on the first day!

It will be my pleasure to hunt with you again. Thank you!

Jack Sissoyev

#3 Ubaldo,

I am writing you this note to say thanks for a great hunt.  I have hunted all over the world, and this hunt was amongst the best.  It's nice to be treated professionally at all times when on a hunt of this caliber.  Often times outfitters don't deliver on their word, however that was not the case with your outfit.  Your staff was very professional at all times, the mule deer were just as expected (Very Large), and the language gap was bridged by you having an English speaking staff member (Ozzie), this made the hunt much more enjoyable.  In addition to a great hunt, your pre-preparation of my firearm paperwork made importing my rifle a breeze.  The ranch house was beautiful and had all the comforts of home.  The food was adequate no one went hungry.  In addition, at no time did I see anything that would make me feel anything but safe in Mexico.

I would love to hunt with your outfit again.
Thank you!
Brandt Cook
Dover, PA
Fellow Hunters:

I just completed a successful hunt for Desert Mule Deer with Ubaldo Lopez in Sonora, Mexico. I saw plenty of deer and took a nice buck on the third afternoon of my hunt. The accommodations were excellent and the food was more than satisfactory. In fact, the food was excellent. Mr. Lopez went out of his way to accommodate us, including allowing one hunter to stay a few days longer in order to get his buck. I am not aware of any other outfitter who would go to such lengths to satisfy a client. I appreciate this commitment on the part of Mr. Lopez to satisfy his clients. The area of Sonora, where we hunted, is safe. We had no problems with our firearms entering or leaving the country and Mr. Lopez walked us through every checkpoint with our documents. I would highly recommend Ubaldo Lopez and Rodeo Hunting to any serious mule deer hunter.

Terrell McCombs

San Antonio, Texas

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