General Information
Due to fluctuations in temperature, we recommend a down jacket for early mornings and evening and light clothing for midday. two pairs of well worn walking boots and 3 changes of clothing should be sufficient and a peaked cap or hat is a must.

Hunters assist under their own risk and can contract an individual insurance company of their choice.

Big game hunting is a potentially hazardous sport and while all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our clients we cannot be held responsible for any illness, or accident while on your hunt.

You will need to provide your personal information to our office 90 days prior to your hunt so we may obtain the necessary permits.
1 year ahead reservation: A 50% reservation deposit is required at booking date, the rest must be paid at least 60 days prior to hunt scheduled date.


We require 50% of the price per/hunter non-refundable deposit to book a hunt.
We will make every effort to provide you with the highest quality hunt posible.
This is not a guaranteed hunt. You may go home empty handed.
If the game( sheep, mule deer, coues deer, cougar, javeline, etc. ) is wounded, (i.e. blood, hair, meat, or bone is found), the hunt is restricted to the animal shot. If not found, the hunter must still pay the appropriate kill fees. We will make every effort within reasonable time to locate a wounded animal.


Ask your travel agent to book you to Hermosillo Sonora, Mex. international airport, where you will be met by our professional staff and transported to the lodge. if you wish to fly to the hunting area please make arrangements with your travel agent or airport office in Hermosillo, Sonora.

We are not responsable for lost nor delayed luggage nor weapons during your travel. When making your air travel reservations, please make sure there is enough time between one departure and the next. It is common that sometimes your luggage can be separated from you. By this happening, makes you lose one day of hunting, while trying to recuperate your luggage. These extra travels from the hunting area and the airport are an extra expense that is not included in our package.

175 miles south of the border-entry port of Nogales, Arizona, Hermosillo connects Tucson, Arizona by International Highway 15.

Air service from Hermosillo offers direct nonstop daily flights to Tucson, Arizona and other major U.S. and Mexican cities. Several Amerian-class hotels including a Holliday Inn serve the travel and tourist industry.


It is recommended that you bring your own weapons. Weapons are inspected upon entry at the airport and you will be issued a temporary local license. Please ensure that you receive a valid customs declaration form from customs in your own country to ensure reimportation of weapons on your return. Have all your firearms serial numbers at hand to avoid problems at customs.

We invite you to experience world class hunting for Desert Mule Deer and Coues Whitetail.

   Sonora has long been famous for record- class Desert Mule Deer and Coues Deer.There are also excellent Gould's Turkey and Cougar (mt. Lion) hunting opportunities.

   These areas boast outstanding hunting opportunities, and you don't have to enter a drawing to go hunting, because we have "guaranteed licenses".

   In our hunting areas can be found Trophy Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Javelin, Bob Cat, Cougar, Coati, Coyote, Gould's Turkey and small game.

   Our private ranches lease boast high deer populations with excellent hunting. We run close to 100% shooting opportunity on most years.

   Our hunting area is of 120,000 acres divided in seven linked ranches with specific hunting areas either for Mule Deer or Coues, sometimes they both can be found in the same area.

   Hunting is done in late december and january which is the peak of the rut.

   Your outfitter, Ubaldo Lopez was born and raised hunting the mountains and the Desert in Sonora Mexico. In 1990 he began outfitting and has slowly expanded the business over the years. Taxidermy and hunting is his full-time business, not just a side job.

   Our accommodations are excellent first class Mexican Ranch style houses with deluxe cousine specially made by our own chefs available at any time. We have experienced guides, and expert trophy care.

   Please feel free to contact our reference list and ask them about our services or we're open to receive your calls. We are confident you will experience one of the best hunts of your lifetime, just as many past hunters have.


For more information please contact Us at the address:
441 North Grand Ave. Suite 4
PMB 186 Nogales Arizona 85621

Teresa Macias 11A colonia San Juan CP. 83070
Oficina: 011-52-662-2131592
Movil: 011-52-1-662-2448477
Hermosillo, Sonora, México.

Owner: Ubaldo López